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This ancient and historic place lies in latitude 25.7 North & Longitude 80.55 East at the bank of the river Ganga. It is well connected by Indian Railway with Chunar Junction railway station which is on main line of Delhi - Howda route between Allahabad – Mugalsarai railway stations. National Highway number 7 passes through here and it is the longest National Highway of India. From this NH the town is connected with most ancient and religious city Varanasi or Banaras and also to the district headquarters Mirzapur.

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On the question when Chunar was formed and by whom it was formed by gives no reply, this is because the town was older than any written history. According to Puranas when God Vishnu disguising himself as a Brahman and begged three footsteps of land from King Bali and he measure entire universe in just two footsteps and put his third footstep over the King, the first footstep of God which is rested on earth was stepped upon the hill of Chunar and impressed it with his foot-mark. Consequently, the hill came to be known as “Charanadari hill” and from that time the place was known as “Charanadari”. In the course of time the religious significance of this place increased considerably. After that in the period of Mahabharata the Magadh King Jarashand prisoned the Kings here to whom he won the war. Then Lord Krishna came here with Bheem one of the Pandavs and rescued all the prisoned Kings. At that time Charanadari was the entry gate to Magadh state from Awadh state. After that in 56 BC when Maharshi Bharthari the elder brother of Ujjain King Vikramaditya came here for their hermit, Vikramaditya made a home for him, after some times Maharshi Bharthari burial himself here. After that the name of Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Dynasty and Prithviraj Chauhan’s was also connected with this place. But there is not any written record found regarding this information. Further Afghans, Mughals and Britishers ruled here.



Chunar is About 40 km from Varanasi & 35 km from Mirzapur city , Mirzapur district of U.P., India.

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