Dargah Sarif


Alternate Text This mausoleum belongs to Shekh Quasim Sulemani Rahmatullah, his son Mohammad Wazilshah & his two grandsons Mohammad Afzal & Mohammad Hakim. The building is of considerable Mughal Architecture pretentions.

After the death of parents, wife & child, Sulemani went into saintly pursuit of life at the young age of 27 and had a large following. But unfortunately he did not confirm to the religious ideology of Mughal Emperor Akbar and therefore, he was compelled to remain confined to Lahore by the Emperor. Fearing his massive following Emperor Jahangir imprisoned him & sent him to Chunar fort in 1606 AD where he died the following year. His disciples built a mausoleum in his memory which is visited by a large number of people irrespective their cast, creed & religion.

Tomb of Shah Quasim Sulemani

This tomb is said to be 400 year old and is spread over a massive compound, which is enclosed by the stone lattice walls, standing on the stone basement. The stones of same size have been carved out very aesthetically. His cap and turban are also kept in the tomb. On the entrance gate there is a brief inscription in five lines consisting of praises of the saint & dated 1607 AD.

Manuscripts of the two Qurans (one big & another small) which are said to be 400 year old are still preserved in the mausoleum. These are valuable manuscript of that period.

Tomb of Mohammad Wasilshah & Rahmat

This tomb situated on the east of the tomb of Quasim Sulemani, belongs to his younger son Wasilshah. This is also enclosed with carved stone lattice walls. The dome of this building is considered to be the third greatest dome after Golgummad of Bijapur (Karnataka) & tomb of Sher Shah Suri (Sasaram, Bihar).

Two tombs belonging to the grand sons of Shah Sulemani

Mohammad Afzal Shah & Mohammad Hakim Shah are also situated within this premise.

Tomb of Begum Karim Bakhta

Tomb is situated on a platform and can be accessed through the left side of Nakkashi Darwaja and is also enclosed with stone lattice walls. She was the wife of Emperor Jahandarshah, the son of last Mughal Emperor Bahadurshah Jaffar.

Nakkashi Darwaja (Principal Carved Gateway)

This is the main entrance of the tomb; which is about 350 year old. It has beautiful carving on the principal gateway and on its arch.

Sawan Bhadon or fountain of rainy season and Rangmahal which were also the part of this complex seem to have been encroached by the residents of the surrounding area and could not be traced.



Less than 1 km southwest of Chunar Fort, 2 km in the north of Bus Station & 1 km from Railway station on the banks of River Ganges in Chunar, Mirzapur district, U.P., India.

Ideal Time

Throughout the Year, Specially During Annual Urs between 17th 18th, & 19th day of the month Jamadi-ul-Awwal & during March & April, fair on five consecutive Thursday after Holi in Chaitra (Hindi) Month, Fateha of Wasil Shah on 19th day of the month of Ramjan


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